When the head of Le Baiser de 1905
by Constantin Brancusi is placed
on the stomach of La Léda by Léonard de Vinci,
while saving same proportions,
the mouth of the sculture corresponds to the navel of La Léda,
eyes on her sexe and hips to the contours of faces of Le Baiser de 1905.

Le Baiser de 1905 by Constantin Brancusi is at the origin of the discovery of Thierry Rayer.
This discovery is an universal methodology that makes it possible to decrypt art and architecture of each country of the world.

This french discovery, the only one in the art world since the discovery of Champolling, considered as a father of egyptology, made of Brancusi, creator of modern sculpture, a genious.

This universal methodology use :

The exact sciences 

Science (defined as an ensemble of structure knowledge, universally valid because based on verifiable objectives observations and rigorous reasonings), biology, gemotry and mathematics.


Egyptology, religions, freemasonry. From Antiquity to the the Renaissance period, all great achievements in  painting, sculpture, architecture and others areas have been great through the use of universal mathematical processes : Thales and Pythagorean theorems which rendered possible the discovery of the golden ratio, phi and Fibonacci Sequence. They are visible in the Creation : the fauna and flora, universe …



Transmitted by insiders, “le savoir et savoir-faire universel du processus de la Création”  concerning all communities, groups and more broadly each individual around a common cultural roots to the Humanity. 

The history of religions, sciences, arts and ancient civilizations helps to determine very precisely the common link of great achievements all of times and all of cultures. Each patrimony of Humanity represents the symbol of Humanity and reveal ancient myths (in particular egyptian like of Isis) and presents symbols (fish, egg, fetus, pentagon…). 


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