Le Baiser de Brancusi de 1905 represents the man and woman united from birth in love and faith. This Egyptian goddess and queen, sister and wife of Osiris-god of the sun, expresses the trilogy mother-father-child, goddess of a thousand names, protector of life, well- being, navigators and the oppressed. She is the mother of civilization.

Brancusi’s genius was revealed in translating this famous history of humanity through a new marble cut and in consecrating the Feminine element in all its splendor: triumph over death by love and a call for the Universality of the human race.

Isis, the identity of a spiritual awakening, revealing the image of all relationships, is internalized by Brancusi who creates “Le Baiser de 1905” the sculpture of the mirror reversed horizontally and vertically, thus resuming the Golden Ratio so cleverly used by Leonardo da Vinci in the acclaimed works of Mona Lisa and Salvador Mundi.

The Ankh is a circular cross.
The circle symbolizes the woman and the cross, the man.

All of this symbolizes man-woman.

Mochica sculptures and Le Baiser de 1905

The goddess Isis who resurrects Osiris with the Ankh cross, Egyptian symbol of life, is replicated by « Le Baiser de 1905».

Apart from the fact that «Le Baiser de 1905» is the first modern art sculpture in the world, it is above all the cornerstone of Brancusi’s work. An in-depth study of the culture and cults, of the Mochicas, of ancient Egypt and of Freemasonry, allows a direct connection to Brancusi’s work, on a plastic, conceptual and spiritual level.



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