About Constantin Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi is born in Romania at Hobita in 1876 and he dies in 1957 at Paris. He crossed a part of Europ before he arrived in July 14th,1904.

When he arrived at Paris, he did a training at School of Fine Arts in a workshop’s famous sculptor : Antonin Mercié. In 1906-1907, graduated of his school, he exposed at the “Salon d’Automne”. Auguste Rodin, president of the jury noticed his work and proposed to him to become tuner in his workshop. At this time, Rodin is internationally known.

Brancusi already very professionnal worked not long for him because “nothing grows in the shade of trees”. So, he decided to develop very fast his own artistic independence. At Paris, Brancusi is seeing many artists : Modigliani, Paul Morand, Erik Satie, Picabia…

Brancusi was passioned. The sculpture was his only way to expression. He founded his inspiration in in the spiritual word and the art across borders.

Huge genius, he designed his workshop like a true artwork, universal and determining in the creation of modern art.

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